Is it true that...

1. 245(i) is back - No. Still debating about possible variation of it.
2. There will be an amnesty -
No. Not even in discussion.
3. I can drive with my International license -
Yes, but no more than one year after you have been present in USA. The negative impact is that it may trigger the suspicion of the policeman who then may question and further investigate your status. I had a case where the police officer was able to detect right from the computer in his car that my client had an order of deportation.
4. I can go to USCIS and freely ask questions, verify my status, etc. -
Be careful - if you have an outstanding deportation order the immigration officer is obligated to call the Detention Unit - so you can be arrested          (I have seen that happened).
5. I can represent myself in Master Calendar Hearing and just ask for voluntary departure -
It is possible, but you have to waive your right to counsel. If you have any criminal history that you forgot about, etc, your request could be denied. You could be arrested in the spot and deported (I have seen that happened).

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