Frequently, people voluntarily turn themselves in to USCIS officers simply because someone gives them a wrong advice. Generally,

people tend to believe in facts they prefer to be true. In many occasions, an advice of a friend is taken as the truth and the legal advice of an immigration attorney is disregarded. Examples:
1. "There is an amnesty, so it is O.K. to file documents with INS even though you are out of status."
2. The new/old law - 245(i) will come soon and will wipe out your criminal history, deportation order, etc.
The consequences of such recommendations can be serious - arrest and inevitable deportation.
That is why people need a consultation with Immigration attorney, who would provide legal analysis of the particular situation. The attorney will conclude with a legal advice or lay out your options. However, if you are not satisfied or would like to double check the advice of your attorney, you can contact another Immigration attorney. It is worth to pay two or three attorneys’ consultation fees than to jeopardizing your well-being.  It is probably the most important investment in your and your family’s future.
Check whether your attorney is an attorney at all. Many agencies or private individuals (paralegals, translators, etc) make wrong impressions by acting as attorneys. You may hesitate to question their authority. Many people feel that a talkative person wearing a suit cannot have a status less than an attorney. However, in reality it happens often (please read "About Us" - it happened with attorney Nenkov himself). In fact most attorneys will be proud to show you their diploma, bar number, letterhead, etc. because they have worked hard for this achievement.
Not all attorneys can help you with your immigration problem. Some attorneys think that practicing immigration law is just filling and filing forms. Make sure that your attorney practices as an immigration attorney. One way to find out is to call the American Immigration Law Association - (202) 216-2400 and see whether she or he is a member.

Do not believe in rumors

Call someone who used to be in your position and can understand you better:
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