Do not share Information

People tend to talk when face a problem and expect sympathy. Usually after talking about a problem, the holder fills better.  However, disclosing personal information can be a catastrophe.  Often we are shocked to hear the words that roll over our tongues and out of our mouths.   In the Bible, Book of James 3:5 the tongue is called a tiny spark – it seems small and harmless and yet it has the potential to produce devastating fires.
 Do not be tempted or fill obligated to talk simply because the other person told you his similar to your story – be smarter and just do not comment.
 You do not know who sill be the next person who will become familiar with your story.  In many occasions, your friend doesn’t intent to cause you harm, but to help you by discussing you situation with someone who may know the answer. 
 In short, do not share personal information, with anyone but an attorney.  The attorney-client privilege applies strictly plus legal evaluation and suggestion can be obtained.


  Call someone who used to be in your position and can understand you better:

  • The information you provide is confidential
  • CALL: Attorney Vassil Nenkov (508) 822-8785