Seek competent help

Example: Filing N-400 (Application for Naturalization) is an easy process – for many people it is just filling an application and providing a bunch of supporting documents if needed.  However, if you have an extensive criminal history your application could be denied and you most certainly will end up in proceedings.  So not only your application for Naturalization will be denied, but you may lose your permanent residency (your “Green card”), and possibly deported.   

If you do not feel well you seek a help from a doctor.  Not any doctor, but a qualified one, who specialize in treating  your specific problem.  Sometimes you may try to take a pill, but if it does not work, you will pursue with the doctor.Similarly, you need a specialist if you have an immigration problem.   The attitude “I will save money and do it my self” may bring unwanted results.  Often, the spending of thousands of dollars in Immigration Court could have been avoided if an application has been timely and competently filed.

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