Why Should I act?

The answer is simple - if you do not, nobody else will do it for you.
Many people decide or are forced to act and take some steps to legalize themselves when it is too late. Variety of reasons can be mentioned - being house wife, living among people from your country of origin, fear or senseless disregard of immigration laws, etc. Also, having social security number and driver's license often gives the holder ability to work and a false sense of security. In many occasions an out of status person (also called "undocumented") can adjust her or his status, or at least take some affirmative steps toward it. Examples:
1. Marriage in good faith to US Citizen usually places a person in the category of "immediate relative". If a lawful entry in USA can be proven, an adjustment package can be filed. The logic step is just to do it. However, many people do not take advantage of this chance because they either:
- do not know about it
- are afraid to do so
- are listening to "experts" and do not want to pay attorney’s fee
- or are postponing it for the future.
2. 245(i) (so called Life Act) gave chance to many people to file documents towards adjustment of their status even though they either entered USA without inspection or overstayed their visas. The deadline of the last extension was April 30, 2001. Again, many people did not act even though they were qualified to do so, and now are forced to face severe consequences.
3. Also, entrance in DV Lottery program is an inexpensive way of increasing your chances of being LPR (please see our section on it).
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