Protect Yourself

The human nature is strange.  Best friends often voluntarily testify in court against each other.  Relatives do unexplainable things to their closest people. Jealousy, anger, revenge, etc. are unlimited powers that can bring unpredictable results.    It does not take much - just a phone call to the Department of Homeland Security. So please:
1. Do not discuss your status with anyone, but an attorney. Often in the pace of a friendly conversation you hear people sharing their problems and you feel that since you are "on the same boat" you can trust them. Even if it is so, you don’t know whether they won’t share your story with someone else.
2. Make sure that you are alone in the consultation with an attorney - no friends, co-workers, etc. If you need a translator try to have a pastor or deacon from your church, social worker, or immediate family member.
3. If someone asks you about your status give indefinite answer.  Answers such as "It is not your business!" may trigger a suspicion and further investigation. 
Call someone who used to be  in your position and can understand you better:

  • The information you provide is confidential
  • CALL: Attorney Vassil Nenkov (508) 822-8785